Friday, May 1, 2009

When to panic?

I am realizing that the saying "days are long, but years are short", is so true, and it hit me the other day when I realized our Trip of a Lifetime is coming... and quickly. In just a few short weeks, we will be off on the adventure of a lifetime... with almost-2-year-old in tow. We are either dedicated parents or insane people to take our little one with us on a trip to Europe. But as I mentioned before, we have always vowed to still do the things we want to do in life, and to enjoy it even more as parents. That means me, the hubby, and little G are headed across the pond!

Granted, we are taking a little easy route by going on a cruise. Just one place to unpack a bag instead of many. But then that little voice comes in my head... what are you going to bring? I know now I cannot bring the whole nursery, so I'm wondering if I should start the picking and choosing now of what goes in that suitcase, and how big I'm willing to let it get. We definitely have some new things to think about when packing - for one the peanut allergy - and how we'll handle that overseas. Do I pack peanut free snacks just in case? Do I print out cards that say "I have a severe peanut allergy" in as many languages as I think we'll encounter. So far I think the answer to both is probably yes. But when I'm packing up enough clothes, shoes, sunscreen, lotions, medications (how many epi-pens should I bring on-board??), toys, and whatnot for the little man, I just hope I remember to bring a bathing suit and flip flops for me. But I suppose there always is shopping just in case I forget a cute outfit or two for myself.

Do you think my husband will wonder why I want to pack all the diapers we'll need for the trip? (And really, it's just so I have the extra room to fit all the things I want to buy over there!!) Shhhh... he probably won't even look in little G's suitcase until we get start to unload the car and he wonders (probably aloud), do we really need to bring everything we own on this trip??

Thank goodness for curbside service.

Please wish me stress-free packing! And tell me when I need to start....

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