Wednesday, October 21, 2009


It seems that since I've become a mom, my friendships have definitely changed. I've found new friends that have somehow become incredibly close in only a short amount of time, and that share with me not only my passion for little ones, but also share in many of the challenges as well. Some of my "non-mom" friends have actually become closer - even if we don't get to see each other as often. One thing I have learned in being a mom the last 2 years is that free time is pretty much non-existent. Before you had kids, if you wanted to do something, you just did it. Now, when an activity you want to do comes up, you are always CHOOSING between two things... do I go out to dinner with my girlfriends, or spend time with my family? Do I go get a massage, or play with little G? It's hard because now, there's ALWAYS something else you can be doing - most notably spending time with your family. I won't talk about guilt - I'll save that for another post - but I will say I definitely have to determine that whatever is taking me away from my family, has to be worth it.

I've ended some friendships because I just don't have time to spend with people that are not fully engaged in my life, and me in theirs. I have a limited amount of free time, and I want to spend it with people I truly care about. I am sad that some of my "non-mom" friends and I don't get to see each other as often, but I also know it's not ideal to eat dinner out at Red Robin if you don't have your own kid in tow. (Ahh... remember those nice dinners out with wine and conversation). But I also know that those friends are still the ones I can reach out to when I need them - kids or no kids - friends are still there for each other. Assuming they are true friends.

All that being said, I guess in the end what I want to say is that I feel very blessed with the friendships I've made, and the friendships I've kept. Some are more work than others (especially in the making time to see each other category), but they are all rewarding. They give us something we can't get from our husbands or our children, and they remind us that we are not in this world alone. So.... three cheers to all our friends out there - the ones that stick with us through thick, thin, and then some.

Big hugs to all the ones I'm lucky to be able to call my friends.

Monday, October 19, 2009

All About MEme: I've Never

Ok, so am trying this All about MEme, my first attempt - and am a little intimidated already by the topic and figuring out how to link it up. As I think about it, I realize that I too am pretty adventurous, and not sure if I have a great list, but here goes (wish me luck).

I've Never:

- Broken a bone (knock on wood). I always thought it was cool in school when kids would come to class with a cast for everyone to sign. A tiny part of me wished I could get that attention, until I realized it came with pain and now I'm thankful to be a part of this club.

- Uploaded photos or videos from a camera. Call me lazy, or call me technically challenged, or just call me lucky to have a super smart and talented husband that does it all for me. ;)

- Been a shoe fan. (Not sure if this counts). I'm the kind of person that would wear the same 2 pairs of shoes if I could, one casual and one dressy. I get sucked into the hype, and try to impress other people, but really - I'd be happy if I could just go from my outside Uggs to my inside Uggs, and then to flip flops.

- Been arrested. I have gotten a ticket (or two), but never done anything worth being arrested for. Which makes me feel pretty good, and I really hope it stays that way.

- Cooked Thanksgiving dinner. But I am hoping that one day I will be able to make my family proud, and cook Thanksgiving dinner (turkey and all!) for them. For now I just enjoy going over to other people in my family's house and bringing something to share.

How about you? What have you never done?

Friday, October 16, 2009

The joy of a boy

Being a parent to only one child, I really only know the experience of raising a boy. But I do have friends that have girls, and I have noticed a few fun things that you do get to do with boys. I figured there has to be something, because every time I walk into a store it seems all I see are the most adorable little girls outfits. And a few cool things for boys. So maybe play time makes up for it. On this wet Friday - here's my list of Joy's of the Boy's:

- Cars. Everything is about cars (ok, and trains). G LOVES Hotwheels, and many times has to have 2-3 clutched in his hands while he's playing with others. He won't let them go, and it's so cute.

- Forts. G is totally into building forts right now. He loves building them, crawling through them, and then playing cars in them.

- Puddles. Now that the rainy weather has arrived, I'm learning that boys love to get dirty. It's a guaranteed smile creator to find some great puddles. And then drive cars through them.

- Rough-housing. We do all kinds of wrestling at home, but my favorite is going to the bouncy house. You see all the little girls having a great time, bouncing, playing like normal kids. Then you see G - barreling through everyone, sweating like he's in a Bikram yoga class. It's non-stop, and it will definitely put a smile on your face. And of course - you have to bounce too! (And luckily, he did leave the cars at home for this one).

- Snuggling. Ok, this might be my favorite. I know girls are good at this too, but there's something about a little boy snuggling with his mommy. It warms my heart, and is definitely the highlight of my day.

Now I hope some of you with daughters will fill me in on all the cool girly things you get to do (guessing - dolls, tea parties, dressing up?). And I know, I know... in our day and age boys play with dolls, and girls play with cars - but I'm just pointing out some of the fun boy things that WE get to do.

I'll still dream about the dresses and the tea parties though.

Happy Friday!

Friday, October 9, 2009


Yes, it's Friday!! Weekends have definitely become much more loved now that I am a parent. They are a time when I get to spend 2 full days with G and B. Even though our Friday nights have become a little more mundane - we typically are too tired to do anything after a busy week - the weekends are always enjoyable. I try to get my errands done during the week (thank you Amazon Fresh!), so that I have the maximum amount of time available to spend with the family. Even though I love having "open" weekends where we don't have a lot planned, I find that rare as I always want to make sure we are doing something fun. This weekend we are going to the pumpkin patch! It is the one thing that makes me ok with saying good-bye to summer, as not only is Orange G's favorite color, the pumpkins look so great in pictures!

In honor of the weekend, I thought I'd throw out a few of our favorite weekend activities. I'd love to know your favorites too!

- Park (one of G's favorite things to do!)
- KidsQuest and Red Robin
- Other kids areas i.e. Seattle Children's Museum, Crossroads Splash park
- Family classes like Kindermusik, Sponge, etc.
- Kids Cove at Bellevue Square (then I can get some shopping done too!)
- Going out to breakfast or lunch
- Staying home and just playing!
- Festivals / Fairs - Loved Salmon Days!
- Seasonal - Pumpkin Patch, Holiday Lights, Easter Egg Hunts, etc.

Anything else? What do you like to do on the weekends with your little ones?

TGIF everyone!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Terrible/Terrific Twos have hit!

We were wondering when (and praying if) the Terrible Two's would finally hit, and we think it has arrived. In the past couple weeks, G has thrown more than a couple tantrums, and I haven't seen him this inconsolable since his teething days or since his peanut allergy. (We have thought maybe he's getting his two year molars, so really hope that it's that!). But, needless to say, we've had meltdowns over where he wants to sit and eat his snack, which color cup he wants to drink his milk out of, and whether or not he wants to eat dinner. I'm not sure how to handle them, and luckily we have a very verbal child who we know understands us even if he refuses to listen. My patience is being tested regularly, and as a reasonable person - I find it really hard to understand the fit over which color cup to use. All he has to do is say "mom, i'd like my milk in the red cup, please". And he'd get it! Maybe if I can figure out how to get all 2 year olds to do that instead of cry, I could win the Nobel Peace Prize. At least it might be the peace prize for many households.

In contrast to the Terrible Two's, we are also experiencing some of the Terrific Two's. G's personality and person are growing rapidly, and he's amazing us at every turn. This weekend, we were driving in the car when a truck pulled up next to us with a dog wandering in the back. G said to us "That puppy is going to get in trouble, and he's going to be really really sad". We tried to tell him that the puppy wasn't going to be in trouble, he'd be just fine, but G was admant and said it over and over... "No, that puppy's going to get in trouble, and then he'll be really really sad". For the life of us we couldn't figure out why he would say that! Then, a friend pointed out - he knows HE'S supposed to stay in his car seat buckled in while we are driving because it's not safe to wander around (or sit on mommy's lap) while we are driving. We can only imagine that G thought the puppy would get in trouble for wandering in the car while it was moving. Such a compassionate little boy... always thinking about everyone else.

So how do these Terrible and Terrific Two's work in tandem? Well, the terrific parts I'm sure are even more terrific because they are offset by the Terrible ones. And I know that the frustrations he feels are just a matter of him asserting his independence, and figuring out the world on his own. We are there to guide him, keep him safe, love him and support him, and of course - remember the terrific times much more than the terrible ones. Besides... he's only 2 for a year, right?