Friday, October 2, 2009

Terrible/Terrific Twos have hit!

We were wondering when (and praying if) the Terrible Two's would finally hit, and we think it has arrived. In the past couple weeks, G has thrown more than a couple tantrums, and I haven't seen him this inconsolable since his teething days or since his peanut allergy. (We have thought maybe he's getting his two year molars, so really hope that it's that!). But, needless to say, we've had meltdowns over where he wants to sit and eat his snack, which color cup he wants to drink his milk out of, and whether or not he wants to eat dinner. I'm not sure how to handle them, and luckily we have a very verbal child who we know understands us even if he refuses to listen. My patience is being tested regularly, and as a reasonable person - I find it really hard to understand the fit over which color cup to use. All he has to do is say "mom, i'd like my milk in the red cup, please". And he'd get it! Maybe if I can figure out how to get all 2 year olds to do that instead of cry, I could win the Nobel Peace Prize. At least it might be the peace prize for many households.

In contrast to the Terrible Two's, we are also experiencing some of the Terrific Two's. G's personality and person are growing rapidly, and he's amazing us at every turn. This weekend, we were driving in the car when a truck pulled up next to us with a dog wandering in the back. G said to us "That puppy is going to get in trouble, and he's going to be really really sad". We tried to tell him that the puppy wasn't going to be in trouble, he'd be just fine, but G was admant and said it over and over... "No, that puppy's going to get in trouble, and then he'll be really really sad". For the life of us we couldn't figure out why he would say that! Then, a friend pointed out - he knows HE'S supposed to stay in his car seat buckled in while we are driving because it's not safe to wander around (or sit on mommy's lap) while we are driving. We can only imagine that G thought the puppy would get in trouble for wandering in the car while it was moving. Such a compassionate little boy... always thinking about everyone else.

So how do these Terrible and Terrific Two's work in tandem? Well, the terrific parts I'm sure are even more terrific because they are offset by the Terrible ones. And I know that the frustrations he feels are just a matter of him asserting his independence, and figuring out the world on his own. We are there to guide him, keep him safe, love him and support him, and of course - remember the terrific times much more than the terrible ones. Besides... he's only 2 for a year, right?

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