Friday, October 16, 2009

The joy of a boy

Being a parent to only one child, I really only know the experience of raising a boy. But I do have friends that have girls, and I have noticed a few fun things that you do get to do with boys. I figured there has to be something, because every time I walk into a store it seems all I see are the most adorable little girls outfits. And a few cool things for boys. So maybe play time makes up for it. On this wet Friday - here's my list of Joy's of the Boy's:

- Cars. Everything is about cars (ok, and trains). G LOVES Hotwheels, and many times has to have 2-3 clutched in his hands while he's playing with others. He won't let them go, and it's so cute.

- Forts. G is totally into building forts right now. He loves building them, crawling through them, and then playing cars in them.

- Puddles. Now that the rainy weather has arrived, I'm learning that boys love to get dirty. It's a guaranteed smile creator to find some great puddles. And then drive cars through them.

- Rough-housing. We do all kinds of wrestling at home, but my favorite is going to the bouncy house. You see all the little girls having a great time, bouncing, playing like normal kids. Then you see G - barreling through everyone, sweating like he's in a Bikram yoga class. It's non-stop, and it will definitely put a smile on your face. And of course - you have to bounce too! (And luckily, he did leave the cars at home for this one).

- Snuggling. Ok, this might be my favorite. I know girls are good at this too, but there's something about a little boy snuggling with his mommy. It warms my heart, and is definitely the highlight of my day.

Now I hope some of you with daughters will fill me in on all the cool girly things you get to do (guessing - dolls, tea parties, dressing up?). And I know, I know... in our day and age boys play with dolls, and girls play with cars - but I'm just pointing out some of the fun boy things that WE get to do.

I'll still dream about the dresses and the tea parties though.

Happy Friday!


  1. I'm actually working on setting up a pedicure party for L and a couple of her 2 year old besties. :) It's nothing super fancy, just a foot soak and polish if they want, but I think it'll be fun and a special thing for the girls. We went to one tea party a couple weeks ago and L LOVED it!! She loves her crown! Other than that, our list is pretty similar to yours. Except she doesn't like bounce houses. I have a GREAT picture of her playing and splashing in the rain though. I'll put it on her and E's blog. :) (

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  3. I think boys are better snugglers. Jack is definitely better and more willing than Charlotte to snuggle with us. He's always been happy to cuddle up with us where as Charlotte is too busy.
    I know what you mean about the stores being full of cute girly clothes and before I had Charley I wished so hard for a girl to dress up. Now I find it easier to shop for Jack than Charley because there isn't as many choices. With Charley sometimes I have to make the difficult choices to determine what not to buy because we can't afford it all.
    We have some dolls, but it seems that the trains and cars get most of the attention from both kids. :-) Big brothers are a big influence!

  4. Love the idea of a pedi party for 2 year olds. That's awesome. And all girls are more than welcome to come over and play with G's cars.