Friday, October 9, 2009


Yes, it's Friday!! Weekends have definitely become much more loved now that I am a parent. They are a time when I get to spend 2 full days with G and B. Even though our Friday nights have become a little more mundane - we typically are too tired to do anything after a busy week - the weekends are always enjoyable. I try to get my errands done during the week (thank you Amazon Fresh!), so that I have the maximum amount of time available to spend with the family. Even though I love having "open" weekends where we don't have a lot planned, I find that rare as I always want to make sure we are doing something fun. This weekend we are going to the pumpkin patch! It is the one thing that makes me ok with saying good-bye to summer, as not only is Orange G's favorite color, the pumpkins look so great in pictures!

In honor of the weekend, I thought I'd throw out a few of our favorite weekend activities. I'd love to know your favorites too!

- Park (one of G's favorite things to do!)
- KidsQuest and Red Robin
- Other kids areas i.e. Seattle Children's Museum, Crossroads Splash park
- Family classes like Kindermusik, Sponge, etc.
- Kids Cove at Bellevue Square (then I can get some shopping done too!)
- Going out to breakfast or lunch
- Staying home and just playing!
- Festivals / Fairs - Loved Salmon Days!
- Seasonal - Pumpkin Patch, Holiday Lights, Easter Egg Hunts, etc.

Anything else? What do you like to do on the weekends with your little ones?

TGIF everyone!


  1. Good to see you this morning! We've been so super busy this week that we decided to lay low this weekend. So....
    9:30a-10:15a Kindermusik
    10:30a-12:30p API meeting
    1:00p lunch
    2:00p nap
    6:00p S'more than you can Imagine (kid thing through the city)
    7:45p head for home
    8:15p bed

    9:02a-10:00a church
    11:30a lunch
    12:15: nap
    1:00 AP group organizer meeting while L is napping
    4:00ish after L wakes, family grocery shopping for the week
    6p dinner
    7:45 bed

    Not necessarily a typical weekend, but it's this weekend for us!

  2. Hi! ceckin 4 ur friends Meme!