Monday, October 19, 2009

All About MEme: I've Never

Ok, so am trying this All about MEme, my first attempt - and am a little intimidated already by the topic and figuring out how to link it up. As I think about it, I realize that I too am pretty adventurous, and not sure if I have a great list, but here goes (wish me luck).

I've Never:

- Broken a bone (knock on wood). I always thought it was cool in school when kids would come to class with a cast for everyone to sign. A tiny part of me wished I could get that attention, until I realized it came with pain and now I'm thankful to be a part of this club.

- Uploaded photos or videos from a camera. Call me lazy, or call me technically challenged, or just call me lucky to have a super smart and talented husband that does it all for me. ;)

- Been a shoe fan. (Not sure if this counts). I'm the kind of person that would wear the same 2 pairs of shoes if I could, one casual and one dressy. I get sucked into the hype, and try to impress other people, but really - I'd be happy if I could just go from my outside Uggs to my inside Uggs, and then to flip flops.

- Been arrested. I have gotten a ticket (or two), but never done anything worth being arrested for. Which makes me feel pretty good, and I really hope it stays that way.

- Cooked Thanksgiving dinner. But I am hoping that one day I will be able to make my family proud, and cook Thanksgiving dinner (turkey and all!) for them. For now I just enjoy going over to other people in my family's house and bringing something to share.

How about you? What have you never done?


  1. Not a big shoe fan? I did not know that about you. You are always dressed so nice and put together. I will have to checkout your shoes next time. he he. But I'm the same way. I love hosting parties at home so I do not have to match shoes with my outfit. I also hate wearing shoes with socks. I prefer flip flops, open toe heals, or slip on shoes. No shoe required. But at home I love wearing socks. I'm also with you on the Never been arressted and making Thanksgiving dinner.

  2. Thanks for sharing your "I've never" list.

    Funny, I didn't make my first T-day dinner until I was in CT! So don't worry there is always time :-)

  3. I haven't made Thanksgiving dinner for my friends or family, but I did make it for one of my clients at work. But the turkey was from the deli! :)

    The only one of yours that I have done is uploaded pictures and video. I do it often to keep our friends and family in the loop about what L and E are up do.

    I completely agree about the broken bone thing and being arrested though. I think breaking a bone would hurt worse than natural labor! And getting arrested wouldn't help me find a job in my field of work! :)

  4. Okay, the blog convention - if that every happens - should also include basic photo uploading skillz ... cuz girl, that's just pathetic :) Stick with me, and I'll teach you everything I know!

    I've never broken a bone either ... didn't even think of that one!

    And I did make a turkey dinner ... once ... enough said.

    Thanks for joining us :)

  5. lol!
    Yes.. I"ve signed you up for uploading pics seminar on our convention cruise - and also... how to post a linky. :) I'll help you anytime- just email.

    Love the broken bone one.. I ALWAYS WANTED A CAST TOO.
    xoxo supah

  6. Ok - taking you guys up on the photo uploading/linking skills. Please send any tips/suggestions my way. :) I want my blog to be pretty like yours!