Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Back to Reality

Well, we made it home safe and sound, and definitely a lot more tired! Those days when vacations were a time of rest and relaxation might still happen in the future, but with a 2 year old in tow, sleep is something you don't get much of. Especially when you share a room! But nonetheless, our trip to San Diego was fantastic. G LOVED Legoland, the ocean, and of course, the pool. And we loved getting 5 uninterrupted days with our little man. We are reminded of the joy in the simplest little things, and relish the time we got to spend with our baby (who's not so much a baby anymore!) A few highlights:

Legoland ended up being perfect for a 2 year old. He had so much fun on the rides, the Bob the Builder show, watching the little Lego towns (a working Nascar raceway!), and playing in the water! We couldn't get him off some of the rides, he wanted to ride them over and over and over. I had to tap out one time to get B to ride with him because I started getting dizzy after the 5th turn. (Tip: Go to an amusement park when all the other kids are in school - no lines!). I was surprised he wasn't scared on any of the rides, and loved every second.

He also loved the ocean! He couldn't stop running in and out of the water, and he loved getting knocked over by the waves. (He's still telling people about it today!). It's amazing to see these little people learning to run and jump, and also with no fear whatsoever. I don't think I was that brave when I was 2.

In the end, it was an awesome vacation, and a wonderful time spent with my family. I'm having withdrawls from being with him (and the sunshine!), but I know it's almost the weekend. Which means 2 full days with my little buddy.

God Bless Vacation - I hope you all can find some time to take it!

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