Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Marketing to kids

Being in the advertising industry, I know it's inevitable that companies will market to children. I have wondered at what age it really works. Companies can market to their hearts content, but if kids don't actually have any money, is it as effective? I always figured companies would put toys up on commercials so kids see them and say "mommy mommy, i HAVE TO HAVE that dancing elmo" (or whatever the latest craze is). I know it's inevitable, which is one of the reasons I limit the amount of TV that Gavin watches. And I'm grateful for the on-demand shows, because they exclude and/or limit the amount of commercials allowed (and even if there are any, we end up skipping right through them to get to the show).

So, back to my originally question - at what age does marketing to kids really work. Well, I found out today. Every morning, Gavin and I get up, get some milk, and sit down to watch a show. He always gets to pick what he wants to watch - and will tell me whether it's Little Einsteins, Noddy, Caillou, Blue's Clues, Wonder Pets, etc. (Listing some of his favorites...). But today, we sit down, and I say "What do you want to watch?". Gavin looks at me, takes his milk out of his mouth, and says:

"Sprout, Please".

I'm in for it.

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