Friday, September 11, 2009

A hot meal

As a parent of a small child, we can often forget what it feels like (or tastes like might be better) to have a hot meal. Every once in a while, you have to step away, go out for dinner and really ENJOY eating. We were able to do that this week, have a nice adult meal (on 9/9/09), a glass of wine, and yummy food. Even though it's just a couple hours away from home, it can really recharge the soul, the relationship, and the tummy. I am a foodie, and really miss eating out as much as I'd like to (at resturants other than Red Robin and Mexican). I love the unique new foods you get to try at restaurants that you just don't have the time, patience, or ability to make for yourself at home. A yummy tuna tartare... an heirloom tomatoe salad... succulent duck with wine sauce.... and of course good company - that's what keeps the food soul happy.

Having a little one may mean that you eat more mac and cheese, hot dogs, and cold meals than you have since YOU were little, but it doesn't mean it has to end completely. Take a couple hours, find that great local resturant you've been wanting to try (let me know if you need suggestions!), and go have an adult meal. Whether with your significant other, a good friend, or a group of moms also in need of a night out. Get out, eat well, and enjoy that hot meal. You can do the "pick that up off the floor 200 times" exercise tomorrow.


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