Monday, September 14, 2009

Random Mondays

I feel like Monday's are usually the drained out bottle of the exciting weekend, even if the weekend is dull and rainy like Labor Day, or beauiful and sunny like this last weekend. I'm dedicating Monday's now to random thoughts - hopefully fun little tidbits of the weekend, or just things to get you thinking.

Today, it's going to be things that make me smile:
- Making my little boy laugh
- Hearing him start to use grown up comments (i.e. that's a cute skirt mommy)
- Seeing a group of little ones playing together (or playing randomly as it sometimes is at this age)
- Spending time with friends
- Getting a nice note from a friend
- Kisses
- Having the neighbor girls lean out their window to say hi to Gavin as we walk by
- Watching Gavin practice his jumping
- Knowing that my husband will never be like Tony Soprano
- The love of the two most wonderful boys

I hope you have things that make you smile today, and every day. It's good for the soul.


  1. 2 things that make me smile ...
    good blog reading and intriguing email invites to get coffee soon (hint, hint)

    :) - You make me smile, Terri!

  2. I've been thinking about this too! I have to echo the #1 of making my little girl laugh. I can't wait for them both to laugh together!!