Monday, April 27, 2009


Being a full-time working mom, one of the biggest challenges I have in life is balance. How do I balance my free time between myself, my husband, my son, and my responsibilities? I find it hard to pull away from the little free time I have with my family, to spend time with friends. I try to find balance with both by doing "family friendly" activities, but where does that leave my friends without kids of their own? And even in one day, I find that those precious hours between work and bedtime, I want to focus solely on my son, and then have an hour or so to focus on my husband before I crash. And what about doing the laundry or going to the drycleaner? Or... better yet... cleaning the house?

Often, it just doesn't happen. I try to balance as best I can the responsibility of work, the joy of my family, and the challenges of keeping it all together. (And keeping myself sane... which sometimes is a bigger issue). I certainly rely more on my friends and my family - and the support of those that I care about the most. (Likely those that are actually reading this blog!) I feel grateful to have these challenges and to even worry about balance - I know I'm not the first, and certainly won't be the last. But it's through the love and support of those around us that we all get through. And hopefully they don't care if there's crumbs on the floor, chocolate on your kids face, or toys strewn around the house when they come over. And if they do.... well, they are more than welcome to help my balance with a little 409 and a paper towel.

I cherish those in my life that support my search for balance, that understand when my family takes priority, and when I can't make it out to that fun girls night out event. I rely on my friends more than ever, and I share the joy in every day life with those in my inner circle. When our wonderful group of parent friends left our house last night, one of the little girls and G were chasing each other up and down the street. As we watched them run with complete joy on their faces, the happiness that only a pure heart and mind can experience... the fascination with running freely (and maybe the beginnings of the excitement of chasing girls (or boys...))... I looked at my friend and smiled and said "now this is why we had kids". All she could do was smile and hug me back.

It's all worth it.

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