Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It happens.

As I looked back at some of these blog posts, I realized it's been quite a while. Blogging takes a lot of time management, even to get a few minutes to post what's happened in your day. Add to it a full time job (that is increasingly stressful), a small child, and wanting to keep some semblance of a marriage - I don't know how people do it! But I'm dedicating myself to even just 2 minutes a day - maybe a coffee break - to post something fun, funny, sincere, or just thought provoking. Now that I've explained my absence, I'll start off with something fun:

Yesterday the family all met up at Farrel McWhirter park for dinner to celebrate my brothers birthday. G of course loved being able to play with his cousins (6 & 3 y/o). They run around all happy and crazy whenever they are together. Last night they decided to go on a walk through the woods (with B as chaperone). Of course the kids are running around discovering everything - though G wanted to touch every single fern along the way once he learned what they were so it was a little slow going. Until... it happened. G discovered something new sitting just off the pathway. And like any little one, he wanted to touch it to see what it was. Now... we don't have a dog, so I guess it's understandable that this would be something new for him at the tender age of 2. He hasn't seen many steaming piles of brown except for the one time he took advantage of a "no diaper" moment with our family room carpet. So he bent down, stuck his fingers right in it and says "what's this called daddy?". It's hard not to laugh, even though your stomach is turning, and luckily they were in the woods with a nearby stream. When B said "NO NO... we don't touch poop!", poor G had the saddest look on his face. Not wanting him to think he'd done anything wrong, B tried to laugh it off and explain, then they went to wash his hand in the stream. That was probably the most fun, because it was cold, and he could touch rocks.

Lesson learned.... S**t happens. And you can always wash it off.

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