Friday, August 28, 2009

Just makes you laugh...

At G's two year appointment, the doctor was asking all the regular questions about development and such, and I was answering like the proud, prepared parent. G and his daddy were reading a book to distract him through the mundane part of the appt, when the doctor stumbled on his words to listen to G counting to 10. He just smiled and said, "wow, well, I guess his verbal skills are on track. does he have about 100 words?". Uh... not quite. He had about 100 words 6 months ago. A 2 year old with a vocabulary that includes words like "Barcelona", "Bonjourno", and "Arrividerci", and can count to 20, has a few more than 100 words in his repertoire. Just yesterday, he went to take a bite of yogurt, looked at it, and said "that's enormous mommy". And it was. And all I could do was laugh.

Some of my favorite things he's said are so off the cuff, and of course we never get them on camera. He'll throw out an "oh my gosh" or "that's cool", here and there, but it's the fact that he's actually having full thought out comments that astound me. "I'm not going to go upstairs and take a bath, because... I'm going to stay down here and play outside". Or when we say our "God Blesses" before bed, and we get to Grandma Pearl - he looks at me and says "she's sick mommy". (which sadly, she is very sick). His compassion and understanding blow me away. Daily.

We're trying to replace "right now" with "please" - as in "I want some candy right now" to "I want some candy please". It's usually becomes "I want some candy right now please", which I think I can live with. But for now, I think we have a 2 year old that's going on 6. And I love every minute.


  1. You have such a smart, articulate little guy ... and I definitely give some of the credit to his super fabulous mommy (and daddy). Natalie has a crazy extensive vocabulary, too ... and her latest feat - that I absolutely adore - she's naming emotions (happy, sad, angry, worried, frightented, ...) with some serious accuracy.

  2. I hear ya! L's appointment went the same way!

  3. It's just amazing what these little kids understand. And what they soak up. The other night we went on a walk and Gavin just said "I went to Malta mommy". Yes... yes you did little guy. :)